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Facebook GPS activity

Posted in General on October 28th, 2013

Every now and then while opening Facebook on my Android phone I would see my gps status come enabled then disappear not long after. I got annoyed after sometime and did some digging only to find out it wasn’t something I could solve with a simple checkbox selection (from within the fb app or my android settings).

Annoyed… I got tasker (android app) and setup a disable gps task anytime fb is open.

Problem solved.

Notes: For gps control I needed to also obtain apps Secure Settings and BusyBox. My phone is r00t3d.

BlackBerry 9930

Posted in General on October 28th, 2013

Got a BlackBerry 9930 for work.

Came with crapware. Uninstalled some. Reboot was required. Hmm. Ok.

Installed some software on it. Reboot also was required. Seriously?

Is the BlackBerry OS built on Windows? Sheesh.

This is a phone not a pc. Why so many reboots.

Oh well…

Freeware lists

Posted in General on October 27th, 2013

Nice list from freeware genius… top 30..

Bearware’s top selections

Disable Menu and Back Capacitive buttons on your Galaxy S3

Posted in Android, General on October 19th, 2013

First I installed an App called Button Savior (this gives me access to the menu and back capabilities via on-screen menu – as well as some other options).

Next, I then performed the instructions on this web site.

Reboot and now don’t worry about handing the phone to folks and having them mistakenly touch one of those buttons !!


Samsung Galaxy S3 Safe mode

Posted in Android, General on October 12th, 2013

Thank goodness this phone has safe mode. I installed LBE Privacy Guard to prevent Facebook from using my phone’s GPS and the LBE Privacy Guard got my phone into a constant reboot. Hated. Putting the phone into safe mode saved me from the reboot cycle. I am posting a link here so I don’t forget this – pretty simple steps.
1. Turn off phone.
2. Turn on phone and as soon as you see SAMSUNG, press and hold the volume down button until you see SAFE MODE in the lower left hand corner of the screen!.
3. To normalize, just reboot the phone.

Link to the source I used:
Safe Mode

By the way, to get rid of LBE Privacy Guard. I tried to use System Tools to remove it from startup which that didn’t help. Then i tried to uninstall while the reboots where happening, which did not help. I then got my phone into safe mode — reinstalled LBE Privacy Guard — then uninstalled that copy. All good after that!! I obviously need to read up more on that app or get a different one.

Happy rooting!!

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