Sunday, April 30, 2017

Outlook 2007 Crash when downloading new mail

Had a friend who was having issues with Outlook 2007. Every time it tried to download email, it would crash. I tried everything - safe mode for outlook and a bunch of other command line switches for outlook but nothing would work. Eventually, I learned that we had access to a web interface for the same mailbox. I took all of the mail sitting in the mailbox and moved it to the Drafts folder and one by one moved a message back to the inbox and let outlook download it. I quickly learned that 1 of the messages was causing outlook to crash so I narrowed it down to 1 message that had an html attachment made in Word. It was not a virus but some sort of malformed html file that outlook was having a tough time interpreting (aka crashing). I deleted that message and we were good. Interesting little problem but I did mention that he should think about upgrading too.. It is 2017 after all (that software is 10 years old). Chuck

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