Xbox One External USB Drive

Posted in Gaming on November 27th, 2015

I finally made the leap to game consoles and my choice was Xbox One. I love this thing. Forza, Star Wars Battlefront, beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay. I like the ability to integrate my cable into the gaming rig but have not taken advantage of that. I do stream games from the Xbox to my Windows 10 laptop and I also play some games via my laptop. Really love this capability as I can pop into games and keep an eye on my son as well as offer him hints when I am in another room and he tells me he is stuck. The Xbox has been a real treat.

I’ve managed to nearly fill up the 500GB disk in mine so I was searching for an external drive. While in a Gamestop store I asked the rep what I needed look for in a drive because I keep seeing the green Seagate drive and just could not believe that there was only one single drive model that was available and compatible with the Xbox One. I asked what other drives are compatible and I was told that Microsoft had a compatibility list up on their web site. WEll, after much searching I can confirm that there is no compatibility list maintained on Microsoft’s web site. My understanding is that all I need is:
Capacity > 256 GB
USB 3.0

I’ll be buying something other then the Seagate Green drive and see how things go. I am going to guess that things will go just fine and my Xbox system will be happier with more internal real estate to store games and the like.


Facebook GPS activity

Posted in General on October 28th, 2013

Every now and then while opening Facebook on my Android phone I would see my gps status come enabled then disappear not long after. I got annoyed after sometime and did some digging only to find out it wasn’t something I could solve with a simple checkbox selection (from within the fb app or my android settings).

Annoyed… I got tasker (android app) and setup a disable gps task anytime fb is open.

Problem solved.

Notes: For gps control I needed to also obtain apps Secure Settings and BusyBox. My phone is r00t3d.

BlackBerry 9930

Posted in General on October 28th, 2013

Got a BlackBerry 9930 for work.

Came with crapware. Uninstalled some. Reboot was required. Hmm. Ok.

Installed some software on it. Reboot also was required. Seriously?

Is the BlackBerry OS built on Windows? Sheesh.

This is a phone not a pc. Why so many reboots.

Oh well…

Freeware lists

Posted in General on October 27th, 2013

Nice list from freeware genius… top 30..

Bearware’s top selections

Disable Menu and Back Capacitive buttons on your Galaxy S3

Posted in Android, General on October 19th, 2013

First I installed an App called Button Savior (this gives me access to the menu and back capabilities via on-screen menu – as well as some other options).

Next, I then performed the instructions on this web site.

Reboot and now don’t worry about handing the phone to folks and having them mistakenly touch one of those buttons !!


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