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Information I’ve been consuming..

Posted in General on November 12th, 2011

Gartner: The top 10 strategic technology trends for 2012.
— Nothing really new here, in my opinion, but good to hear it once again.

The 20 Most Innovative Startups In Tech
— Love to hear how tech is being used here. Some I had heard of like TaskRabbit, CodeAcademy, Quora, Kickstart (very interesting one, for me), . Hadn’t heard of Kaggle, Skillshare, Sphero (love this one) only 129 bucks by the way (Xmas present, hint hint), Dwolla (ingenious, get those cc companies!!), ZocDoc, BankSimple, Joor (like what was done here – used tech to breakdown a barrier, love it), and others – I’d name them all but the web page has some issues – hopefully it’s repaired when you head out that way.

TechVenture 2011 Orlando
–Would love to attend this, sounds interesting. My link below takes you to the schedule..

I’ve also been reading quite a bit about Steve Jobs from all over (book, 60 minutes, PBS Documentary, etc.).

Starting to see and read 2012 predictions… I’ll start with this one..
–Lots of goodies here, Cloud knowledge is HOT and only getting hotter (so true), Data Scientists, yeah hadn’t the clue but interesting.. especially if you are just choosing a career or turning yours around, Simplicity (its welcome, anywhere I can get it!), Mobile and Security _ I’ve seen these 2 on lists in the past and don’t guess they will drop off for sometime in the near future.


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