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Human Error?!#$

Posted in General, Support Calls on February 2nd, 2009

In my last post titled “This site may harm your computer..” I ranted about on my Saturday morning regarding my google search efforts which were all being flagged as harmful.

The BBC reports Google attributed the Saturday morning issue to human error. Go figure… Google gets their filter list from and apparently they received it fine (assuming) and when they inserted the list this go round, all sites were incorrectly marked or flagged as malicious in some manner. Google’s VP of Search and User Experience admitted that tighter controls need to be wrapped around this manual process.. Hallelujah!

Reading further into this at the blog it appears that Google does not use them for their filtering and its a home grown product. That makes more sense to me.. than what I read on the BBC page.

Finally, reading on Google’s Official blog it appears that the / was marked as malicious hence marking anything and everything else as malicious. Now we understand – taking the long way around the internet but oh well, at least I now know what made my surfing (and I’m sure a few of you other folks as well) a little rougher that Saturday morning. I’m at ease now.

Source: BBC

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